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Selecting the right SEO agency will be one of the most important decisions you will face. You must be extremely cautious when making the decision of which company you decide to work with. Each day you wait to get the positions you want on search engines, the more your business has to lose. The longer you wait, the more your competition takes your income from your pockets.

So what makes an SEO company the right SEO company for you? Here are 6 steps you MUST evaluate before making your decision.

1. How Are They Charging You?

Often times, SEO companies will charge you a flat rate at the same price point as they will charge other clients. SEO varies from business to business. A marketing project for a dental clinic varies tremendously to that of an E-commerce store. its like comparing apples to oranges. Smile Now SEO understands this and is committed to focusing on each client’s individual needs and setting up a marketing strategy that is right for them. Your company simply cannot afford to have a cookie-cutter formula and pages that will be lost in the crowd and never found by your customers.

2. On-Site Optimization

The structure and content of your website is a large component of doing Search Engine Optimization correctly. At Smile Now SEO, we analyze and pick apart your content to ensure that your website is 100% optimized. On-page keyword optimization is a crucial component to whether your customers are finding you on search engines. once, keyword optimization is done correctly, your page rank on search engines will increase.

3. Top Customer Service

Most people’s biggest fear when working with an online marketing agency is being left in the dark and a lack of feedback.  Ever company needs it’s own unique attention so Smile Now SEO pledges to always provide the right solution for your company. We also send daily ranking reports so that you’re not stuck in the blue with what is going on.

4. Blow Past Your Competition

There is competition in everything you do. Search Engine Optimization is full of competitors in your niche that are all trying to fight for the same position. If your competitors are outranking you, all the customers naturally flow to their businesses. The SEO agency you work with must be experienced and able to outrank competition like it is nothing. They must be able to deliver quality work backed by results without having to waste your valuable time and hold your hand each step of the way.  Smile Now SEO makes sure that we do our job well so that you can focus your time and effort on what you do well

5. Quality Comes First

There is a lot more to Search Engine Optimization that meets the eye. From the outside, it might look like building up a website and getting it ranked higher in Google, but from behind the scenes there much more going on and a lot of work. It takes hard work to find good keywords that are high in traffic and low in competition.

6. Strategic Link Building.

Making sure your website is Search Engine Optimized is only a fraction of the battle when it comes to ranking for certain keywords. Your agency must develop a well thought out strategic link building strategy that won’t burn out your website. At Smile Now SEO, we understand the importance and parameters of link building to be able to rank for certain keywords. Your SEO company will not only have to show you how they plan on making a link building strategy, they will have to show how they plan to improve it.

7. Starting with the end in mind.

The big question is why are so many firms and clinics working with SmileNowSEO Digital Marketing and Media? It’s because SmileNow sets out a plan from the start and executes on that plan while delivering all of their promises. The Digital media company you plan on working with should explain to you how they plan on getting you targetted traffic to your website. Ultimately it will be increasing exposure and getting top rankings on Google. The traffic that you get on your website should be targetted traffic so that you can focus on your ideal customer base which in turn grows your revenue.

Take a pencil and paper and jot down these 7 points so that they can always work as a baseline for you whenever you decide to hire a digital marketing company. We understand that choosing the right company is no easy task. That is why we created the list as a starting point for companies to get on the right path to success.

San Francisco Dental SEO, Detroit Dental SEO and Golden State Dental SEO and some of the most competitive keywords in America to rank for. Smile Now SEO digital media not only talks the talk but also walks the walk when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. We have proven that we can outrank our competition, now imagine what we can to for your business. We are also the best SEO company for small businesses.

STOP losing leads and customers to your competition simply because you don’t rank at the top of search engines. You might be asking yourself why you need to be ranking on the first pages of Google. There are phones and devices in people’s hands constantly which has completely replaced phone books. Search Engines are the new phone books and people will turn to search engines to find local businesses.

Having your website Mobile friendly is a significant part of dominating search engines like Google.  If you would like a free website analysis and consultation, to give you honest feedback of what needs improvements and how to implement the tips we give you today to give you the edge that you need, Then Fill out our Discovery Form, or call us at 866-433-3093

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